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Steps for Success as a Peak Performer


Performing at your peak capacity is something most people dream of but don’t really know how to accomplish. The thing is, anyone can become a peak performer if they know what they want, identify the steps it takes to get there and is willing to go after what they wish to by sticking to the plans that they make long term.

Eat Right, Exercise & Sleep Well

Whether you are going for physical, mental or emotional peak performance it all starts with eating right and sleeping well. Eat the healthiest that you can for your needs and exercise a minimum of 155 minutes per week at a moderate intensity.

Set Goals & Objectives

No matter what you want to accomplish, work on your goal-setting skills. Learn all you can about setting goals efficiently. Goals should be SMART goals. This means that a goal needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.    

Set Your Schedule

Once you have set the goals correctly, move the things you need to do each day to reach your goal into your calendar. Schedule precisely what it will take each day to meet each goal and objective that you make.

Visualize Your Success

As you create your schedule and the actions, you’ll take to reach your goals and objectives work on visualizing what success looks like. Whether it’s being happier, reaching a work goal, a business goal, or something personal like weight loss, you can do it, and you can do it as a peak performer.

Follow The 80/20 Rule

Basically, the 80/20 rule means that 20 percent of your actions give you 80 percent of your results. You’ll need to monitor what you are doing to ensure that you’re reaching your goals, but most of the time, this is true.

Stop Multitasking

Science has proven that people cannot multitask. No one really multitasks. Even when you think that you are, you’re not. The brain is not capable of true multitasking. If you want to experience flow in your work or your pleasure. Focus on one thing at a time.

Be Willing to Learn

A person who desires peak performance is always learning. Learning new ways to do things, learning more organized ways to do things, and then putting the things they learn into action fast.  

Check Your Progress

As you work toward your goals, check your progress. That’s the only way to be sure that not only are you succeeding but to know what you’re doing that is causing the success. That way you can do more of it.

If there is something you know you want, find out how to get it and start going for it. Don’t think you can skip steps and perform at your peak. You can’t. You need to be as healthy as possible, while also knowing how to make goals that help you create a plan to follow to success.